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Keen is a concreting firm with a passion for protecting our environment

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Upholding Our Values

Keen Concreting recognises our obligations to the environment and have developed a sustainability policy which reflects our commitment to environmental, social, and economic performance. At all sites we strive to maintain a clean surrounding environment. Our methods include managing waste and water resources so to ensure that no harmful materials affect nearby flora and fauna.

Keen Recycling is our endeavour to radically improve the process of disposing of waste materials from our worksites. By developing recyclable waste removal containers and cutting down on single-use materials, we are able to completely streamline the waste removal process at all of our worksites and contribute to a more sustainable construction industry.

Stay tuned for more information about Keen Recycling in the near future.

As well as employing measures to protect the local environment, Keen’s sustainability policy extends to doing our part to support longevity of employment, team member health and wellbeing and support community organisations. Keen actively supports community organisations and takes the best care we can of the health and well being of our team members.

Innovative Concreting Specialists

We consistently implement best practice and use the latest technologies to bring the best results to our customers, both in residential and commercial settings.


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