(BSA Licence # 1176941)

Keen Concreting is committed to providing quality service and products to its Customers.

Keen Concreting holds a BSA (Building Services Authority) license as a registered building service contractor. Keen Concreting is committed to meeting all the customer service and lawful requirements of the Building Service Authority.

This document is provided to all domestic Keen Concreting Customers as a written record of the standards to which Keen Concreting works.

Keen Concreting warrants that:

  1. The work will be carried out in an appropriate and skilful way and with reasonable care as a might expect of a qualified tradesman;
  2. All materials supplied will be of good quality and suitable for the purpose;
  3. All materials used will be new unless the Contract expressly provides otherwise;
  4. The work will be carried out in accordance with all relevant laws and legal requirements;
  5. The work will be carried out in accordance with any plans and specifications stipulated by the Customer as described in the Contract;
  6. If the work consists of the erection or construction of a detached dwelling or is intended to renovate, alter, extend, improve or repair a home to a stage suitable for occupation, that the detached dwelling or home will be reasonably suitable for habitation when the work is finished;
  7. Any estimate of Costs will be calculated with reasonable care and skill, having regard to all the information reasonably available when the Contract is entered into, and represents the reasonable cost of labour and supplying and delivering the works.
  8. Unless the Contract expressly provides otherwise, Keen Concreting will supply at its cost and expense, everything necessary for the proper completion of the work.

Keen Concreting is responsible for the care of the work under this Contract from the starting date until the Contractor hands over the Site to the Owner on the Date of Practical Completion.

Keen Concreting will promptly make good, and indemnifies the Owner in respect to, any loss or damage to the Site occasioned by any act, neglect or default of the Contractor or the Contractor's employees, agents or subcontractors.

Keen Concreting will, at its cost, effect and maintain during the course of this Contract the following insurances:

  1. All insurances required to comply with the WorkCover Queensland Act 1996;
  2. All insurances required to comply with the Queensland Building Services Authority Act 1991; and
  3. Contract Works (where required by law) and Public Liability Insurances ($10 mil) with a reputable and financially sound insurer.